A Different Type of Candidate –

David wants Hire him to be your Representative because he is Qualified.

“I know what life is like when you work on the ground level and
I know what it takes to get things done at the top.”

I ran for Oregon Congressional District 6 in 2022 because
But what happens in Washington DC effects all of US.
That is why David Russ Is For USA.

Please Tell Everyone you know,
“Russ Is For US” and ask them to tell
everyone too. Name recognition wins the game.
(it doesn’t take $4M to win – you can speak my name for free).

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When you elect a candidate, you are hiring them to do a job.
David has the knowledge and experience to excel in every aspect of being a Congressman.


Learned more US History by 4th Grade at Catholic School than most people who graduate from college today.
Took Oath with God and You to defend US Constitution at age 17.
Introduced 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance for City of Dundee.
Oregon CHL Holder.


Personnel Management, Real Estate, Retail, Law Office Support, Manufacturing, Farming, Contracting, Construction, Negotiations, Multi-Modal/Multi-Discipline Integration & Problem Solving, Computer Administration, Database Management, negotiated and executed over 1000 contracts


CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Start Up & Turn around, Budgets, Facility Development, Quality Management, Quality Auditing, Forensic Financial Auditing, Government Compliance, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Facility Development, Complete Involvement from Sewer to Roof and from Laborer to CEO


Quality Assurance for US Census 2010, City Councilor, Mayor (7 years) Budgetary Process, Inter-agency Negotiation & Contracting, Government Compliance, Infrastructure Planning and Development, Ordinance Planning and Writing, Personnel Negotiations, Large Contract Bid review, Grant Development, Meeting Management, Constituent Interactions, Face of the City, Constituent Information Programs, Utility Management

Please review all candidate’s qualifications carefully. Make sure that your new Congressman has the knowledge, experience, and determination to do what you need done in Washington DC. Compare the resumes and review voting records. David stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I Believe In You!

Why “Russ Is For US?”

The USA is our home. We all have to work together. The only way to protect your home is to protect everyone’s home because in the USA.
It’s All Your Back Yard. The slogan is Russ Is for US because “We The People” are the true rulers and the true power in this Nation. I Vow to you that every step I take will be focused on returning power to YOU, the Citizens of this Great Nation. I will never take any action for the sole purpose of increasing my power, nor to be reelected. Reelection is an honor that I do not expect you to bestow upon me unless I have been true to this Vow.

The Constitution Matters

When you send someone to Washington DC to represent you, you need to know you can trust them. They can say, “I support this, or that,” but in the end they may never get the opportunity to make those things happen. You need to know this person has the integrity to stand for you regardless. David has that Integrity. Get to know him

I am David Russ
I want to serve US (the USA).
My Vote and My Soul are NOT for sale.


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