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There is Hope for Good (September 28, 2022)

Evil can not help itself. Because of its inherent green, it always overshoots the mark.
#RussIsForUS will be there to clean up the mess.

Republican Congressional Candidate Goes “woke” On Competition (May 9, 2022)

Anyone who has received the dozen or so mailers for a certain Congressional Candidate for Oregon CD6 recognized the hit piece mailer from the “Take Back Oregon Pac” that arrived over the weekend as originating from the same source. “Take Back Oregon” is conveniently a brand new PAC that has not filed any financial reports yet. This allows them to hide where their money came from until after the May Primary. All of the Republicans running for CD6 agreed to not run negative campaigns. Apparently, this candidate “ignored the memo.” I have refrained from attacking candidates in this race with the exception of asking questions like, “Two candidates for CD6 can not vote for themselves. Do you know which ones?”

In his hit piece mailer, the candidate openly attacks every other candidate in the race with all the fervor of a Woke Progressive, and all the truth of a Facebook Fact Checker. He dug deep into various candidates data and words for items that could be misstated, or twisted, against his competition. The mailer also in a sophomorically attempt to degrade his competition further by using the most unflattering photos he could find of the other candidates.

Regarding he statements about me, David Russ, he could not tell the difference between a “plain white sheet” and a “professional photo backdrop.” Also, he states that I, “…admit to not knowing the solution to important issues…” He picked out the one very complex issue on which I stated, “I am not exactly sure how we solve this, but I will work with other members of Congress to find a plan” ( He did this regardless of the fact that I specifically state solutions for 10-20 items on my web site.

I met with a Washington DC Campaign Consultant in January of 2021 who told me this would happen in the form of a question. The question was, “What would you do if the Republican National Committee were to drop someone into the race at the last minute and dump a bunch of money on them.” The candidate that sent out this hit piece mailing has amassed over 3 times more money than any other candidate in CD6 in less than 30 days of campaigning and collecting funds. I assumed this would happen, but I never would have thought the RNC’s candidate would be so obviously part of the swamp machine.

Please research the candidates, and the job you are hiring them to perform. From Dog Catcher to President, it is imperative the candidate we elect know the job and its limits. The candidate who sent out this hit piece, and a dozen or more other mailers, has consistently made promises to do things that are outside of the powers of the Federal Government as defined by the Constitution for The United States of America ( Each of those promises includes a requirement of more tax money to pay for it, and will create more bureaucratic rules in order for your community to receive the support. We can not continue to elect candidates that do not know the limits, and powers, of the position they seek.

It does not matter who you vote for. David Russ is for you regardless because Russ Is For US. All of US. It would be Russ Is For USA, but that does not sound as good.

RTL & RTW Post Cards (May 7, 2022)

I received several post cards from constituents asking me to support “Right to Life” and “Right to Work.” I very strongly support both.
Each constituent who sent a card received a hand written “Thank You” card from me.

If you are not the Hunter, you are the Hunted (April 28, 2022)

The federal government is committed to finding and eradicating you. The new DHS Disinformation Unit is coming. Please Rise Up.

Incrementally Reversing Hate (April 19, 2022)

At the Dundee City Council Meeting of April 19, 2022 night I took the fight to the woke on their own terms. It was my plan to adopt a “Constitutional Equality and Inclusion Resolution” for the City of Dundee to block the hateful “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” policy proposed by a woke councilor in order to get parks grant money. It was also my intention to block and future proposed violations of the inalienable Constitutional rights of Dundee residents.

I made a clear statement in the meeting that the City of Dundee will not discriminate for or against any human based on genetic differences for any reason, especially money.

At the last minute I decided that it would be nearly as effective, and easier, to just rewrite the policy to meet constitutional standards. Since the policy has a “Definitions” section, I can do like the wokies do and redefine words to mean what I want them to mean for this document. The new policy that states “Equity is defined as equal and fair treatment for all legal persons” and “Inclusion is defined as an equal opportunity for all legal persons to be included in City activities and employment opportunities,” should be passed at our next City Council Meeting.

The policy is now in the draft process with suggestions being submitted by the councilors. When it is done, we will have a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy” that meets constitutional standards. The fact that it is called a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy” gets us the grant points we need, and the verbiage of the policy allows the City Council of the City of Dundee to uphold their oaths of office by defending the Constitution.

This is a “Russ Is For US” moment. Current federal and state entitlement and grant programs are consistently demanding that the entities they give money to have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policies. Because our current tax and government funding structure includes processing funds through the federal government who grifts as much as they can before passing on the money, there is not that much money to go around. Since many smaller government agencies can not afford to operate without these funds, many of them comply with the unconstitutional demands. “End Run Compliance” is the best option to maintain constitutional integrity and the oath of office while complying with the demands of tyrannical government agencies and bureaucracies.

If I can not bring this country back to the Constitution all at once, I will continually take small subversive actions like this to slowly take down the swamp and establishment systems.

Coming to a City Near You (April 12, 2022)

The COVID lockdown in Shanghai is out of control. You know that progressives in the USA would love to see this here. Rise Up now or forever hold your peace.
Drones tell Shanghai Citizens “Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open your window or sing.”

Why was anyone fooled? (April 11, 2022)

Anyone who has visited the US Capitol, or knows some details about it, knew from the beginning that protestors did not break open the front doors of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Main doors are made of Solid Bronze and are magnetically locked.

“The outer doors cast from solid bronze would require a bazooka, an artillery shell or C4 military-grade explosives to breach. That of course did not happen. You would sooner break into a bank vault than to break the bronze outer Columbus Doors.”

“Who is going to testify that the defendants entered the Columbus Doors when the U.S. Capitol Police will begrudgingly testify that that is impossible and cannot be done?”
– Jonathon Moseley, Defense Council (American Defense News)

On the Right Track (April 11, 2022)

Over the weekend of April 8, 2022, “the enemy” was on the attack. It is becoming very clear to me that “the enemy” seriously fears having me in office.

I have had signs damaged, stolen and torn down.
My vehicle broke down. Therefore I was unable to get out to repair and replace, or install new ones.
It is gong to take a week for the part to arrive for the vehicle.
But, “It Is Well With My Soul.” God continues to protect my family and myself and the fear of the enemy gives me strength.

We Will Overcome the CULT trying to take over our country.

The ONE Thing (April 4, 2022)

While I was attending the Reawaken America Tour in Keizer someone asked me, “If you could just accomplish one thing in Congress, what would it be?”

The answer was easy and natural. “Restore the Constitution!”
One of the many reasons why

Federal Government Coercing Local Governments to VIOLATE the US Constitution (April 4, 2022)

A progressive City Councilor sent an email to my City Administrator this morning asking him to add the consideration of an “Equity and Inclusion” program for the City to tonight’s agenda. As the person who controls the Agenda, I said, “There is no room on the agenda for that item this week. We will have to consider this item on April 19, 2022.”

The City Administrator tells me that since we took COVID money from the Federal Government, they have been asking when we will implement such a program.

I took an oath to, “…support and defend the Constitution for The United States of America…” I will NOT violate that oath by violating basic human rights and dignity. I shall put no man above another in the eyes of the law, nor in the eyes of my City’s Administration, nor in US Congress!

Blocking Grass Roots Candidates

The Elites continue to try to block the election of strong candidates that will truly represent the people. KATU is refusing to allow viable candidates in their debate unless they have accumulated a sufficient amount of “Establishment Swamp Funding.” I have already been warned by the Dorchester Conference that if I can’t accumulate enough swamp funds they will not let me in.
Guess I’m out then because I am NOT Elite.

What are they Saying?

Anti-Human cultural attacks have their roots in the re-definition, abuse, and creation of words and terminology. If you can control the language, you can control any narrative simply by changing the definition of a word,or set of words.

One could say that they use “Colloquial Buzzwords.”
(I just created that terminology. Feel free to use it at will)

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