Are You Insane?

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You may have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. This is the problem with American politics. People keep voting for the same type of candidate for the same reasons and wonder why they keep getting the same results.

The establishment supports only the “wealthy” or “compliant” and puts them into power. Those who would seek federal office are told that they must donate a minimum of $50,000 of their own money. More would be better. They are told that they must accumulate large sums of money from outside their district before the National Party will support them for their local race. They are told by local “establishment” insiders that they “don’t have what it takes to win” if they can not meet these arbitrary contribution goals and agree to “Go along to get along”.

Every election cycle candidates hoping to win in the Primary Election go to events, make speeches and present their platforms to the small percentage of voters that actually attend the events. They talk to as many people and groups as they can seeking donations. They soon find out that nearly everyone makes the decision to donate (or not) based on candidate’s “ability to win” according to the arbitrary criteria defined in the paragraph above (which do not necessarily equate to serving their constituents). These criteria, and history show that platform, patriotism, intestinal fortitude and commitment to being a servant leader are not part of the equation.

In the end, the candidate that has the most money and upper echelon social connections and is least likely to rock the boat gets the support of the establishment. The establishment then tells gives the nod to high dollar donors to donate to the approved candidate. The resulting money flow enables the “selected” candidate to flood constituents with advertising.

90% of voters never meet the candidates, hear them talk and do not do any research into the candidates’ actual qualifications and abilities. They just know that everywhere they look they see there is advertising for the establishment’s “chosen one.” Voters are told that the other candidates clearly “do not have what it takes” and are “not popular” otherwise they would have just as much money and advertising. The truth is that most of us can not donate huge sums of money to candidates and their supporting Super PACs (Political Action Committees).

Are you still falling for this ruse? Do you vote based on anything other than your personal research into the candidate, their abilities, their life record and their commitment to you?

Please help stop the insanity. Honestly, in the end I do not care who you vote for. As long as you take the time to do the research and make an “informed” vote. However, I am very willing to make it easy on you if you want the easy way out.

Vote for Russ. He’s for US.