The Issues 2024

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These Issues have been building, and there are more to come. This is actually the “Bullet Point List” that I mention on the front page. The difference, is you will not find any other candidate addressing these Issues with the head-on truth and Constitutional plan for action that I have. Some people say that this is “too much” and that I should only have 3 or so bullet points on this page. The truth is that focusing on my 3 highest priorities (God, The Constitution & You) will solve every one of these issues. Basically, the plan is to “Eliminate anything in the Federal Government that is not authorized by the Constitution for The United States of America.” Follow the links on each item to see my solution to the issue.

  • Immigration – We are the only nation on the planet that allows uncontrolled immigration. We have done so for far too long. In December 2023 we set new records every week for the number alien invaders crossing our border. It is time for an Immigration Moratorium, ending Entitlements for Persons guilty of illegally entering the country and removal of undocumented aliens.
  • The Border wall – Finish the wall. This will do a lot for both Immigration control and National Security.
  • Inflation – Most people do not understand that when the Federal Government pats itself on the back for “reducing inflation” that only means they are “slowing down the rate of the damage.” We have experienced.
  • National Debt – the solution here will not be painless, but it is simple. We can also cancel all debt China holds as restitution for COVID to reduce the pain.
  • Wasteful Unconstitutional Spending – evil support of false research and nearly every country on earth except the USA – the solution here is the same as the solution for the National Debt.
  • National Security / Armed Forces – this is a complicated issue since Neo-Marxism has almost fully infiltrated these institutions at all ranks. We can specifically legislate neo-marxist philosophies and anti-human standards out of the military. Overall readiness and security will require changes leadership.
  • Communism – Progressives and Neo-Progressives (and many Democrats) are basically communists. They are not misguided, confused, nor well intentioned. I believe in the good of humanity. But when someone takes this many “dangerous” or “ignorant/illogical” actions, it becomes impossible for me to believe they are well intentioned.
  • False History – Real American History is no longer taught in our schools instead they teach the rambling revisionist lies of the 1619 Project. We can not stop people from telling lies about our past in a public forum, but we can outlaw it in schools.
  • Removal of Ethics, Morality and God from government.
  • Loss of technological advantage/superiority in the world
  • Loss of manufacturing capacity and advantage
  • Pathocrasy & Luxury Beliefs
  • Minimum wage – the problem here is not minimum wage. It is “minimum employment.”
  • Mental Development of our Children – Risk Aversion, Destruction of Family, School Indoctrination
  • Abortion – As the Supreme Court Ruled, this is a State issue. The constitution does not authorize the Federal Government to participate in this type of activity.
  • Mutilation of Minors / Children who are sexually confused – Outlaw all sex change therapy and surgery for minors.
  • Crime – Take the “broken windows” theory to the federal level.
  • Social Security – This should be a State issue. The constitution does not authorize the Federal Government to participate in this type of activity.
  • Marxism / Communism – Opressed/Opressor, Political Prosecution, Loss of Rights/Liberty. The answer to this issue is YOU.