God, The Constitution and You

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Why are my priorities “God, The Constitution and You”?

These are the pillars that hold up our great nation. I strongly believe that when your leaders focus primarily on these things the United States of America will be a strong and wealthy nation with people who love and support it.

The truth is that although our founding fathers built this nation on those very principles, we have been moving away from that philosophy ever since. In some ways that is the greatest testament to the strength of our Nation and the Constitution that binds us. Regardless of the continuous degrading of the original philosophy, The United States of America has endured longer than any republic in history. My goal is to help set this country up to bless its people with Freedom and Liberty for another 250 years.

Back to “God, The Constitution and You”.

God is the necessary moral social foundation that helps us retain peace and security within our borders. He is the guiding light the gives our leaders inspiration and strength to do the best they can for you, the people. Our Founding Document, The Constitution For The United States of America, only has power and validity if the people believe in it. It also is based on a premise of basic respect for, and among, citizens. Without a base morality there can be no respect for and among citizens. That lack of respect naturally leads to a loss of faith in the things the things that bind the people together. The destruction of “base morality” in the USA is destroying our love for our fellow citizens, and our faith in the Constitution. Returning from this state will not be easy nor quick, but I know God will lead us through if we keep focused on him.

The Constitution was assembled by some very intelligent and pissed off people who had just wrestled their freedom and liberty from a tyrannical king. Most of them were not interested in taking power, and did not trust governmental power to any single man, nor small group of men. They did their best to develop a system where they could continue to have input in their governance while providing the society they were forming with a central government that would provide the bare minimum necessary to maintain cohesion and security for the states. The original constitution was four handwritten pages with the last one being mostly signatures. Today the “Constitution Annotated” is well over 100 times that. I believe that a deep review of all of that bulk, and a return to basics (or as basic as possible) is highly warranted. There are many things that have gotten us to the state we are in today, but reductions in your freedom and increases in the power of governmental due to some of the “annotations” to the Constitution are definitely a significant part of the problem.

You are the power, the intelligence, the guide and the foundation of the government created by The Constitution For the United States of America. You are the very reason that this country and its Constitution exist and it can not exist without You. In synopsis, The Constitution basically gives each state positions on the two of the Nation’s Boards of Directors (The House and Senate). It then requires the states to set up a similar board structure and make you a voting shareholder of the state. This gives you a level of control in the government all the way to the top of the structure. The Constitution also charges you with the responsibility identify and stop tyrannical rule and political misconduct. That is a lot to put on You. That is why the Constitution is also designed to ensure that you have the ability to do the best you can with your life, and secure that which is yours, without undue government intervention. In the name of brevity, I will just that You (we) are not currently experiencing levels of freedom and liberty that allow you to protect and feed your families while simultaneously helping to keep the United States the greatest nation on earth.

Bringing it all together into simple terms. My priorities are “God, The Constitution and You” in that order because:

  1. Focusing on God and the base morality he provides all things will guide me to taking and supporting actions that ensure that you can enjoy prosperity and security backed by a government that respects you.
  2. By making The Constitution For The United States of America a priority gives me a time honored and proven base to apply as I participate in legislation presented me in Congress. It also gives you an outline to my reasoning for making decisions in Washington DC.
  3. In truth, this was all about you from the beginning. By making God and The Constitution my highest priority, I am bound by law and logic to serve You.
  4. I believe maintaining these priorities can solve almost every issue this nation faces today. Why I believe that, and my plans for implementation of solutions, are all over this website. If you want to know how these priorities will solve any specific issue, feel free to ask me below.

This country was built by “You” and You are the US in #RussIsForUS. Together we can restore God’s Country and maintain peaceful governance that supports your prosperity for generations to come.

Please Rise to the occasion for your children and grandchildren.