Say NO to the Nanny State!

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The Rights in the Bill of Rights are things that Government is not allowed to do to you. Not things that the Government must give you by taking them from someone else.

The Government does not exist to pay for your life. Nor does it exist to protect you from disease, famine, your neighbor nor words that upset your delicate sensibilities. These are all your responsibilities to be performed in conjunction with your family, church and community.

It is simple. In order for the government to act as your Mama, someone has to pay them to do it. Currently, we all theoretically pay taxes. The government then takes 70% of those taxes and spends them on bureaucratic waste, corruption payoffs purchasing favors, and supporting Humans all over the world (other than US Citizens). It then sends the remaining 30% to your State who then eats a large portion of that money on similar costs that the Federal Government wasted money on. After the State has skimmed off what they want, they distribute the rest to the people in such a way as to create dependence on that money in the people who receive it. On the other hand, if you give it to a local ministry, 80% or more of that money will go to people who need it and to investing in those people in ways that will help them become independent, productive, members of society who are NOT dependent on the Government, nor you.

If you give that money directly to someone in need, they will receive 100% of that money (isn’t that amazing?). If they keep coming back to you for money, you will eventually cut them off because you wanted to “help”, not “support” them. This “social justice” and eventual ostracism helps move people forward in their lives.