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Everyone knows that it is a risk to stand up in public today and say that you love and defend every part of the Constitution for the United States of America. To say that you love all men equally based on their individual merits, or lack thereof. We all know that there are people who would seek to damage a person in every way they can for standing up and saying these things.

Regardless of who you “align” yourself with, it is in your best interest to insure that all humans are treated with equal respect. As we have seen throughout the ages, today’s winners will eventually be tomorrow’s losers. If each group constantly seeks revenge against the other when they gain power, mankind is stuck in a constant loop of hate and destruction. Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? Is that the world you want your childrens’ children to live in?

It is through efforts to demean others that the unPatriot sow and reap the hate they need to insure the division between humans which they feed from. The hate and division they create is then used to spread as much fear and disinformation as possible. The result of all of this is that good people turn their heads and/or hide to avoid conflict and “protect their family.”

It is hard to fault people for this. The machine of hate and fear is real and looms large in our lives. The ridiculous and hateful “Canceling” of human beings continues and will gain momentum. Who wants to get hit by that steam roller?

That is why I am running for Congress. I am doing this so that you do not have to expose yourself to their hate and vitriol. I am doing this to save the country You and I Love. I am doing this for your childrens’ children and my childrens’ children.

I have never been interested in politics for power’s sake. For over 35 years I have been saying that I will run for Congress. You can ask anyone whom I have told. They will tell you that has never been about power. I have even told many of them that I am really not interested in being anything more (ie Senator, President etc).

Current Congressional campaigns in our area can cost between $2-4 Million. Generating those funds, tracking every detail of those funds, and executing the projects related to those funds is a huge undertaking. Where else does an applicant spend 22 times their annual income just to get hired for a 2 year contract (where they will be the target of abuse and ridicule by the press and their “colleagues”)?

I do this because we all need it, and we all need to do something. We have been standing by assuming that the people we hired were properly representing us while they actually robbed us blind and poisoned our children. We all need to do something. You don’t have to be as big of a target as a Congressional Candidate. You may just quietly share truth with people who have not heard it before. You may not know what your role in this fight is yet. Just remember to keep your eyes open and stay fully informed. God will give you an assignment when the time comes. When you have that assignment, please Rise Up for all of us.

Until that time all I ask from you is that you stand for me as I stand for you. You may stand behind me as I stand, or you may just stand for me in your prayers. Regardless of how or where you stand, the important thing is that you stand. We must all stand together or we will certainly hang separately. When I stand with the strength of you standing behind me, we will have the power to insure the integrity of the United States Constitution for another 240 years (at least).

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