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The US Congress Represents you at the Federal Level.
It is not your State Legislative Assembly, also known as the State House of Representative

100% FOR YOU

Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County CommissionerMary Starrett, Yamhill County Commissioner
Kit Johnston, Yamhill County CommissionerJeff Kosmicki, Chief Newberg/Dundee Police
Tim Weaver, Dundee City Council / Retired PoliceDavid Ford, Dundee City Council
Bill Rosacker, Mayor NewbergRobin Wheatley, Newberg City Council
Rick Dutton, Pastor Dundee Promise Church
Retired Newberg/Dundee Police
Community Oriented Public Servants PAC
Brian Casey, Retired Chief Newberg Dundee Police

We can save this great nation TOGETHER with God’s help.
WE can’t do this without you.

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This is not your average candidate’s web site and I am not your average candidate. You will not find bullet point lists of “the issues” with solutions are mostly address by spending your tax money at the Federal level. That is not the way to solve local problems. What you will find is an open and honest God Fearing candidate who is not afraid to openly state that God, The Constitution for the United States of America and YOU precede all priorities of any Federal Bureaucratic Agency. When those priorities are maintained the solutions to “the issues” become much more manageable and much more efficient.

Please take some time to follow the links below, look around, read some posts and get to know me. This website is full of my thoughts and plans. I say things here that no “establishment” Puppet, nor “Elite” beholden to their donors and promoters would ever say. Please feel free to ask me questions about anything.

When you send someone to Washington DC to represent you, you need to know you can trust them. They can say, “I support this, or that,” but in the end they may never get the opportunity to make those things happen. You need to know this person has the integrity to stand for you regardless. David has that Integrity. Get to know him

Your Donation under $200 will always be confidential.

A Servant Leader Warrior who will fight to set things right for YOU.

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* “US” is God, The US Constitution, You, Our Cities and Counties, Oregon Congressional District 6, Oregon, The United States of America, Our Families/Households, and our future generations. That is the meaning and the promise of #RussIsForUS.

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