Know Your Candidates (2022)

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I really hope people wake up this election season.

A congressional candidate did 8-10 mailings. All with promises to do things outside of the Authorized Powers of the Federal Government. This is basically a Promise to process more of your money through the federal machine for programs, and add more federal controls with the money returned to administrate those programs locally.

He is not alone in this. Every candidate in Oregon CD6 does it except one.

We can not keep falling for this ruse.

Please listen to your candidates! WE can not keep sending people to DC who will keep adding programs, bureaucrats and non-legislated federal laws. Vote for Candidates who will make sure that your tax dollars stay local and go to these programs without feeding federal bureaucrats first, and without bureaucratic strings attached.

The same question applies at all levels of Government. Is your candidate making promises beyond the powers of the position they seek?

Our Law Enforcement in Oregon is very good. Of course more money would help. But they get much less and with too many strings attached when that money is processed through Washington DC first. Please research the candidates and the jobs you are hiring them to perform.

It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for, as long as you really understand who you are voting for and why. Russ Is For you regardless because Russ Is for US. All of US. It would be Russ Is For USA, but that doesn’t sound as good.

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