Before I can address the issue if “immigration,” I feel it is important to review the meaning of the word. Whether you agree with the definition presented here, or not, that will be the point of reference for this post.

IMMIGRATION – The orderly, legal, accepted and registered relocation into a country that is not the location of your current citizenship followed by assimilation to the culture of the country the person immigrated to.

To be clear, the majority of new residents in the United States over the last 50 years have not been “immigrants”. They committed the crime of crossing our border without authorization which makes them criminals. Many who crossed the border legally did so under false pretenses, or have stayed beyond their visa which also makes them criminals. This is not a pleasant truth, but it is truth all the same. In addition to that many of these people have chosen to only slightly assimilate, or to not assimilate at all.

A country is a business. It is in the business of protecting its citizens and perpetuating the cohesive existence of its territories and its citizens. Just as in a business, these goals can only be attained and maintained if proper balances are maintained. These balances include, Security, Productivity, Reserves, and the use of Resources. By regulating Immigration, and properly screening applicant immigrants, a country can work to ensure that as they develop they have the proper amount of people to maintain these balances. Having too few people in a country can compromise Security and productivity as well as complicate the ability to generate Reserves. Too many people in a country can severely deplete Resources and Reserves, complicate Security, and strain Productivity. Too few people can reduce Security because of lower Productivity and fewer people available to protect the nation. Too many people can also reduce Security because the strain on Resources and Reserves inevitably causes blight and poverty which leads to increased crime.

Assimilation is also critically important. Immigrants must choose to make the country their home and become a part of its society. They must come to love the country as their own, and want to protect the culture they have moved in to. If they have no intention of doing so, then why did they want to immigrate? Did they come to just take advantage of the country’s resources and kindness as long as they could? Did they come to infiltrate its defenses? If they did not come to contribute to and support the nation, then the country really has no need for them and they should be at least viewed as a liability, and at worst viewed as a threat to national security.

These are the basic issues related to “Immigration” as defined above. When a country is receiving an uncontrolled influx people into the country with no controls, or even tracking of who is entering the country their is basically no way to maintain those balances. All issues related to imbalances in Security, Productivity, Reserves, and the use of Resources are severely exacerbated. Also, enemies of the country (like it or not, everyone has them) can easily enter the country for nefarious purposes. They may initiate attacks from within the borders, or just take actions to weaken the cohesive structure of the nation. Either way the continued Sovereignty of the nation becomes very hard, if not impossible, to maintain.

As I mentioned, properly regulated immigration can be beneficial to a nation. However, in order to be beneficial it is absolutely necessary for immigrants to assimilate to that nation’s culture. If they do not assimilate the fabric that holds the nation together begins to tear and shred. Regulating immigration, screening immigration applicants, and checking up on them after they enter the country helps to ensure that they have support in their assimilation, and help to maintain national cohesion and security.

The uncontrolled influx of illegal invaders that has been allowed to happen over the last 3 years is one of the greatest dangers to our national sovereignty that this country has ever faced. Unfortunately, it is just one of several threats to our national sovereignty that has come to pass in the last three years. It is important that we immediately secure our borders and remove the invaders.