There is HOPE!

I see a path that takes us out of these dark times with a Greater, Stronger America.

This is a hard time for America and her people. There are so many things happening today that are against The Constitution of the United States of America, against common law, against common decency, have no respect for humanity, and no respect for the people who fought and died to make this nation great. I do not want to detail those things here other than to call them out and call them “dire.” We all must come together and Rise Up now to save our homes and our families. We must stand together for community, freedom, liberty, individual growth, compassion and American Innovation for my path to American Greatness to work.

It was not planned this way, but starting with the lemons in the field is the only thing you can do.

The plan starts with Trillions of Dollars being dumped into the economy for social programs that end up killing many small business and making many millions of people homeless and dependent on the government. These programs also simultaneously stimulate the economy. The problem is that this is a false stimulation. People are buying things that they never would have bought under normal circumstances, and may not be able to maintain. Massive inflation will be the result of this over bloated cash dump into the economy. Combined with this huge influx of cash will be extensive regulation and taxation that can drive the rate of inflation into the millions of percent.

Initially, and if allowed to continue, this puts the USA at a major disadvantage. However, the good news is that with the proper changes in governance this huge influx of cash to the economy can be a launching pad for the greatest economy of the greatest nation in history. Recovery from this disaster requires Federal deregulation and focused economic stimulus plans that allow states and local economies to decide where to place economic investments to best suit their communities and economy. Putting states and local governments in charge of their their communities and their futures has always been the intent of the US Constitution and much more effective than any centralized solutions.

In the end, as has always been, equality, blood, sweat, determination, hard work, innovation, honor and the rule of law will ensure that the United States of America continues to be the greatest force for individual liberty and freedom on the planet. As has always been, this can not happen without YOU. I believe in YOU. My plan has many approaches to combat and end the attacks on freedom, liberty and capitalism that have led us to where we stand today but the most important part of any of those approaches is YOU. Please donate now and do whatever else you can to Rise Up for your home, your children and your Country.

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