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The Republican Establishment Elites Think they know how to control your vote.

I stepped into this race, knowing how to do the job and wanting to represent the people. I stepped into this race with noble intentions, and a want to improve our government and our country. However, when I entered this race I had very little knowledge of the establishments inner workings in politics and of getting elected within the establishment’s political system. I have learned a lot in the last year.

As I stepped into the fray, I was told it will take $2 to $4 million to win the race. I was also told that I needed to appear to be moderate. I was told that saying things that were anti-establishment, or saying that I want to radically change the way our government is operated would be death to my campaign. I was also told that I needed to get connected with the political and financial elites in order to get the financial and social backing necessary to win. They said that in order to win I would have to convince the elites that I “could win” (not that I am qualified, or the best candidate). Finally, I was asked if I had spoken with the party leaders about who they intend to put on the ticket.

The reason the establishment believes that it takes $2-$4 million to win a race is that they believe you are simple enough to vote for the person who buys the most advertising. The establishment also believes that you are not interested in serious positive change. They think that you will quietly accept their mediocrity, continuous grifting and power grabbing because you fear change and want to be controlled. Then there is the fear of losing that leads them to only promote “moderate” candidates

They are wrong on all points.

What really wins a race is a combination of name recognition and messaging, not money. If you help me get my name and message out, we can win this regardless of anyone’s money or insider politics.

I believe that Oregonians and Americans are very much ready for that which the establishment may believe is “radical change”. The truth is my plans for the Federal Government are neither “new” nor “radical.” I very simply want to return this Country to operating under the Constitution under which it was formed. Both Houses of Congress, and nearly all Federal Agencies have been in violation of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution for over 100 years. It is long past time that we got operations back in line.

Be sure to research candidates yourself. National, State and local Republican committees are still very much wrapped up in these old ways that either by default, or design, end up supporting an unPatriot agenda. The only way to change what is happening in government is to make different choices using different criteria to choose your Representatives. As with so many things, the only way out is out. Repeating the same action expecting a different result is not going to save us today.

Throughout my political career I have said, “It disgusts me to ask you for money so that I can get in office to spend your money.” However, there is no denying that there are costs to a campaign and I can definitely use your financial support.

Are you ready to elect your Representative based on their qualifications to draft and negotiate laws and legislation?
A Candidate who understands the needs of multiple industries and what it takes to make them successful?
A man who’s first priorities are a moral compass, and adherence to the Constitution?
A Representative who’s primary goals are to take control from the Federal Government and return it to the States and reduce your taxes to only those your state would impose?

It is time to elect a representative that has the Business Acumen to do the job right, believes in YOU and will represent YOU. Someone who is going to Washington DC for You/US instead of for the elites and their own personal greed. You Deserve David Russ.