The Candidates – 2024

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I always say that you voting and making an informed vote is more important to me than voting for me. Many constituents do not take the time to research the candidates. Can you identify the candidates by their bios? If you want to know more detail about the candidates, you can find out all about #RussIsForUS here at I am not sure about the others, but you might try their websites.

Candidate #1 (C1)

Oregon State Employee/House Staff Member for 9 years. When C1’s boss (the Oregon House Representative) resigned, C1 was appointed to the vacated Oregon House position. The appointment included no legislative duties, and was made by Marion County Commission which included the recently resigned House Member (C1’s old boss). C1 did not file for re-election to the House Position and returned to being a staff member.

Three years later, C1 was appointed to another Oregon House position four months before the State Primary election. They won the seat in that year’s election but lost it two years later.

A year after that, C1 was appointed to the Oregon State Senate. They were not able to retain the seat in the following election 15 months later.

Candidate #2 (C2)

C2 has worked decades as a small business entrepreneur/executive. They have hands-on, in the trenches, experience in multiple industries and vocational disciplines. In 2012 C2 was appointed to a local City Council, and ran for Mayor 9 months later. C2 won that election and 4 more by a nearly unanimous vote (over 90%), and are currently serving in their 10th year as Mayor.

As Mayor, C2 has ushered in more economic growth and infrastructure improvements than any Mayor in the history of the city.

Candidate #3 (C3)

C3 has never held a public office. They ran for Governor in 2022 with a stated profession of Unemployed. C3’s 2024 candidate filing for Congressional District 6 also states “unemployed.” C3 filed their candidacy with the State of Oregon on September 15, 2023. As of February 27, 2024 Candidate #3 havs not yet filed with the Federal Elections Commission ( which is the necessary, Official and legally required filing requirement for this office.

Candidate #4 (C4)

Sometime around first week of August 2023 one of C4’s representatives told Oregon Capital Chronicle that C4 would be announcing their candidacy “within the next month.” C4 actually filed their candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission ( on February 2, 2024 making their candidacy official, but as of February 27, 2024 C4 had not yet filed with the State of Oregon to place their name on the ballot in the May 2024 Primary Election.

C4 has run for public office five times (Oregon House three times and US Congress twice) and had not won once. At least one of those elections was lost due to reports of infidelity and other related complications. If C4 files to run for Congressional District 6 in 2024 it will be the first time they have run twice for the same position.

C4 filed on the filing deadline (March 8, 2022) for the 2022 Primary election. They immediately had more money in their coffers than any other candidate. By the Primary, May 17, 2022, C4 had nearly 3 times the funding that their entire field of opponents. A large majority of that funding came from out of state sources. This appears to indicate that they may have been violating election law by seeking donations prior to filing their candidacy. Otherwise they could not have accumulated such a large amount of donations in such a short time. C4 won the 2022 Primary by winning over uninformed voters by stuffing their mailboxes with a dozen mailers (including a hit piece on the other candidates) and buying large blocks of electronic media advertising.