You Are Human


The whole concept of Racism at this point in history on planet earth is a Kafkatrap (that is at least until Races from other planets show themselves to us…). You Are Human. As a Human, you are perfectly imperfect and flawed. Just like every other Human.


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There is only one race of bipedal sentient beings on this planet. We call them “Humans.” The concept of dividing the Human race into groups of any kind has no other purpose than to belittle, or raise up, some other group for power and/or profit (sometimes to a third group). This type of separatism can lead to a minimum of disharmony, and a maximum of anarchy and hate and genocide (search “Uighur”). We are currently seeing hate being spread at an alarming rate because of this very thing.

People all over this country are accepting the possibility that there is a difference between the Humans of this planet based on what the specific planetary environments of their ancestry did to their personal physiology (ie skin tones resulting from relative closeness to the sun, or other such factors). This then leads to the religious belief that those, or any “physical” differences between humans, could have some sort of effect on any individual’s “human value proposition” or morality. Every human knows in their heart that Judging people by these bigoted criteria is unintelligent and inhumane. Yet doing so has become main stream. They call it “Woke” and “Critical Race Theory.”

The only reason any Human would seek to view individuals, or groups, of Human Beings as anything but Human Beings is for the purpose of personal gain. If you have any love for your fellow Humans you must drop the whole concept of “racism” from your life. That is unless you believe that physical differences in Humans make a difference in their individual Human value proposition, or morality. Racism is an illusion created to perpetuate hate between humans for profit and political purposes. By sewing the seeds of hate between groups of humans, certain “influential persons” believe they can control one of the groups and ostracize the other.

The real issue we face regarding harmony among groups of humans is adherence to the “Rule of Law.” We must recognize that there are mass violations throughout all levels and groups of society and fight to eradicate all violations. We must stop all “Human” Rights inequalities, regardless of the random physical traits of the alleged victims and perpetrators.

Separatists create the illusion that some Humans are “different.” Then they either violate the “different” group, or give it advantage over other groups. The “difference” then creates a false piety (aka: virtue signal) as an excuse for the atrocities committed against the unfavored group. This has been the case since the beginning of recorded history. Egyptians enslaved and tortured the Jews excusing their guilt because “the Jews looked different and had different beliefs”, Middle Easterners enslaved Europeans and excused their guilt because “the Europeans looked different and had different beliefs”, and Europeans enslaved Africans and excused their guilt because “the Africans looked different and had different beliefs.” Native American Indians enslaved Native American Indians from other tribes “because they were different.” The general populous of these societies would not have tolerated the hateful acts of slavery and torture that were being committed if they were not telling themselves that the Humans they enslaved were “different.” In the United States today we consider all these acts to be heinous things that we have risen above. They have been outlawed by numerous Constitutional Amendments and Congressional Resolutions. Yet, for some reason the hateful separatist activities being carried out by our current theoretical presidential administration and their radical supporters are called “justice.”

In order to support the non-existent differences between Humans (and therefore their hateful acts toward a certain group), the concept of racism on planet earth was created. By claiming that a group of Humans is of a different “Race,” a society can easily be convinced that it is ok to mistreat said group because the group is no longer a part of the “Humane Race” (…or at least not part of the currently “chosen” race).

When you acknowledge claims that Racism can exist on Planet Earth, you are:
1. supporting millennia of hate created by the illusion of Racism (whether that word existed or not)
2. supporting mass actions for, or against, any group Humans based on any random characteristic that can be applied;
2. stating that you believe there is more than one bipedal sentient race on this planet and that you can tell the difference between them by physical characteristics;
3. stating that you believe that human beings physical characteristics have a significant effect their personality which they as individuals have no control over;
4. stating that you believe that physical differences in humans have a direct affect on a human’s morality and ability to function within society.

The current push toward hate of a single group of humans based on how the specific planetary environment of their ancestors affected their appearance is no less hateful than any other effort to do so in history.
The cycle can only be broken by breaking the cycle. We must all commit to the the fact that the very idea of racism is hate speech and that it does not matter who the perpetrator is (color, status, money, location, public entity, public office holder etc). NO excuses and NO exceptions. Only then can we end all division and acts of hatred among Humans based on childish claims that anyone can be a better, or worse, Human because of what the planetary environment did to their ancestor’s bodies (that is not “following the science”).

Calling people out is EXACTLY what I am talking about. But that can not be done selectively and no hateful acts can be trivialized. However hateful acts can also NOT be sensationalized, nor used as an excuse to blame any “group” of humans. These acts (at least the ones people focus on) are perpetrated by individuals, not large sections of the population.

Humans must be judged on their individual merits. All inhumane acts (aka: racism, bigotry, physical abuse) must called out and punished. That includes the acts of the talking heads (activists, politicians and news casters) that are currently abusing groups and inciting violence with their hate speech rhetoric. As I have said repeatedly “The only way out is out.” Hate begets hate. We can not allow ANY acts of separation, hate, discrimination, or abuse to exist in any way or at any level. To, from, for, or against any group of Humans identified by physical characteristics. This includes government programs and actions that specifically name a “group” of humans.

As long as these things are allowed there is an excuse for more in-humanity (aka:racism). That will lead to Humans who do not feel that they are being treated “humanely”. By Human Nature, those who feel that they are not being treated humanely will eventually seek revenge. The cycle will continue. You can not pretend that a little bit is ok, or that it will make up for anything. “There is no such thing as a little pregnant,” nor a little bigoted.

Please. Always remember. You Are Human. As a Human, you, and every other Human on this planet, are perfectly imperfect and flawed. Not just you and not just them. All of US.

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