Find FACTS the Corporate News will not tell you.

Do Masks Protect you? (from – Facts about American History – Facts about Article V of the US Constitution – Facts About Crime Rates in Chicago – Facts about the 2020 Election – Facts about the current state of National Security

18 Resons to not Vaccinate – Article filled with references to Facts about Vaccines and the “so called” Covid 19 Vaccines.

BLM’s Beginning and Media Support

Dr Fauci Email dump

Patriot Freedom Project – Information and Support for Political Prisoners of January 6, 2021 – News and Information about the (current) attempted communist take over of the USA.

Right & Wrong Covid Protocols – Story of a man saved from death in a hospital ICU

Actual Current Local Covid Numbers – You will be surprised by how far the numbers are from what is implied by the fear mongers.

Lies Your Children are being taught in school
* Twisted History (The 1619 Project) (info about real the facts twisted by the 1619 Project)
* Fear, Hate and Anxiety (info about the facts)

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