Why was “God” put into the fabric of America?

Our founding fathers were not only ‘of good heart’, but they they were wise. They had just run away from being told how to ‘believe’ in their own personal God. Having experienced this first hand, I find it unfathomable to think that they would attempt to guide, or force an individual’s (for lack of other words) “creationary beliefs.” They knew from both experience and wisdom that this will always lead to division between people.

However, the issue arises that no country can excel without a strong base morality. Our founders had the wisdom to see that regardless of which “God” people believed in, people who had a “God” generally also had a base morality.

Therefore in order to create a “More Perfect Union” that respected each other and also consistently made choices that are truly for the public good a general mention of “deity” was necessary. The most common known address for deity is God so that is what they used.

The very idea of “morality” is under attack in this country. Help me return God, Morality and Justice to America.

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