Take Back This Country TOGETHER

For ever a century the leaders of this country have mainly been detached elites that have no idea about the sufferings of the common man. Many of them have never had a job outside of politics and had very poor grades in college. Many of them have such poor credit scores that they are not aloud to hold bank accounts. THIS MUST END.

Why has it been this way? Because their families and connections have had the money to perpetuate this insanity (see Are You Insane? post). In short, they have been able to purchase ridiculous amounts of dishonest advertising that fools the average voter into believing that other candidates are unqualified, and/or unworthy. The good news is that all advertisers know that there is no advertising as powerful as “Word of Mouth Advertising.”

People may fall for a 30 second ad, or a flyer full of false information with enough repetition. However, they will nearly always believe a friend or neighbor who recommends something different. They will even change opinions formed based on false advertising when just a few friends and/or neighbors provide them with facts and shared experiences on the issue. This is where you come in.

Please review my website. You will quickly see that it is not like any other politician’s website you will see that it is fulled with open and honest information about the issues. Now squirrley hem hawing and half truths meant to draw in independents and weak communists while hoping to halfway appease real conservatives. Please ask questions on my Q&A page so I can fill in the blanks for you and others when you feel my posts lack detail.

When you feel comfortable with who I am and what I am committed to doing for you and this nation please share my name and website with as many people as you can. Ask those people to share my name and website with as many people as they can. If we all do this we can counter any ridiculously funded opposition. Please also fee free to donate to my campaign. Word of Mouth advertising is “relatively” free (compared to conventional campaigns) but it is not fully free. Some amount of money is required to maintain this web site, print business cards, flyers and signs, cover travel expenses, feed volunteers and pay for office expenses. However, the sum total of all those things is much less than even a moderate amount of advertising with the corrupt media.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Review my positions on issues here at RussIsForUS.com.
  2. Ask Questions on this site to get more information, get to know me and get more comfortable with my platform.
  3. Tell Friends, family and Neighbors to Vote for Russ. He’s for US.
  4. Contact me to put a sign up at your home, office, or vacant lot.
  5. Contact me for some business cards to share with everyone you come in contact with
  6. Go to the Media Pages of this site and download Business Cards, Signs, T-Shirts and Flyers to print and share on your own
  7. Volunteer to help with:
    1. Sign Placement
    2. Door to Door Constituent contact
    3. Phone and/or Text Constituent contact
    4. Website Management
    5. Office Management
    6. Print materials design
  8. Contact me with names and contact information of groups interested in hearing from me
  9. Contact me with names and contact information of significant donors you know
  10. Give a small donation to show support and help with necessary expenses

With Your Help I can help all of us restore this country to its former glory and more.
We Can Do This TOGETHER!