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David Russ will Clear the Swamp

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What if #RussIsForUS could help us get the Federal Government to Operate within the Constitution?

An “established” Republican recently called me a nut. This implies crazy. Yes, I am crazy…like a Fox. It is actually very simple. So simple that anyone who opposes my plan, or claims that it can not work, is making their support for the establishment and oncoming socialism clear. What if we stood together to make it happen?

No doubt naysayers are concerned about what would happen if I accomplish my plans in Congress. What would happen is a Booming Economy, and a Huge Increase in Technological Advancement. Another thing that would happen is that there would be little room left in the system for communistic politicians and bureaucrats and the Establishment Republicans that support them. Yes. Establishment Republicans have reason to worry…but you do not.

The Plan..
1) Cut Government Agencies to Constitutional Standard = Adherence to the Constitution, Budget Reduced Enough to pay off current debt & Reduced Federal Regulations Freeing Businesses to flourish*
2) Initiate Required Quality and Accounting Audit Standards = Eliminate Duplicate Operations, Reduce Government Waste, Reduced Budget, Greater Accountability for Equal Treatment of Humans and Entities
3) Make Congress Accountable for Rules & Laws created by autonomous government agencies = Fewer small business squelching laws and fines, less chance of tyrannical rule by bureaucrats, reduction in programs that favor big corporations, less cronyism
4) Create Programs that Favor Small Businesses over Large Corporations = Rebuild the backbone of America currently being ripped out by the Biden Administration, Support for the REAL innovators of our society, more living wage jobs with employers that care
5) Return to Energy Independence = Lower costs of food, hard goods, construction, heating, cooling and transportation
6) Enact Legislation that helps block the Creep of Communism = Ensure that items 1-5 above have room to work and that the people have freedom to grow and innovate launching this country into the greatest economic growth spurt in history.

Of course, those cowed by the “Establishment” say that this is impossible. They believe that the American People would never accept legislation that puts the future in their (the American People’s) hands. They also are afraid that these huge changes and the shut down of wasteful government agencies would be bad for the economy and leave millions without the financial support they have come to believe the government “owes them.” These things are NOT TRUE.

The shut down of these wasteful and unconstitutional government agencies would place funding and responsibility for their operations on, and in, the States. What happens then?

1) Social Programs will continue. They will just be more focused on the things that are important to the individual states. Some states could bankrupt themselves with Universal Basic Income. Others could launch themselves to success by helping people rise above their circumstances.
2) We remove the biggest grifter (the Federal Government) from the equation making tax funds go further for every program.
2) States will no longer be forced to operate social programs according to Federal dictates which will enable them to actually serve the specific social needs of their local area rather than the federal government’s socialist agenda.
3) States will be able to initiate grants and programs that help to grow their specific economy utilizing the specific skills and resources they have in their states. This focus will help each state maximize its economy instead of being chained to federal dictates that waste funds, suffocate their economy, and destroy their natural resources.
4) Businesses will be able to operate in a free and balanced economy (or relocate to a State where the economy is free and balanced)
5) Taxes will go DOWN. Just removing the federal government from the equation will insure that at least 20% more of taxes collected will be available to be fed back into local economies. The fact that States will not have their hands tied by federal controls and paperwork will add another 5%-10% of funds available for operations.
6) There will be a Net Increase in Local Jobs – When wasteful federal agencies are shut down, many of their operations will be moved to individual states. It is almost inevitable that when states take over these operations, they will need more employees. The states may also initiate new programs with the added funds they will have available which will further increase local employment. Also, with a strong focus on small businesses and innovation by small business the economy (of smart states) will flourish binging more jobs and prosperity.

The Swamp, Establishment Politicians, and unPatriots will do everything they can to prevent this this return to the Constitution. My plans will take billions of dollars out of their pockets. It will make corporate bribes less effective and it will make corrupt politicians responsible for bad policies. If we can not pass sweeping legislation, I am ready to “incrementally” end everything they “incrementally” implemented.

As I have said. I will vote for “pile on” legislation that serves our District if I see benefit and fairness in the bill. However, in the end, my goal is to get the Federal Government back in line with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution for The United States of America.