J6 and other Lies

Pelosi Kills

JANUARY 6, 2022

The farce perpetuated by the media, marxist/socialist/communist politicians, talking heads and their acolytes (let’s just call them “the Unpatriots“) regarding this date make it important to seriously consider the twisted lies those “entitleds” have created regarding the date of January 6, and other important issues to our Great Nation. These twisted lies are all based on truth. That is what makes them both insidious and easy to fall for. Let’s examine some of those lies and the truth they misrepresent on this very important day.

INSURRECTION – The unPatriots attempted to violently take over our country by funding and supporting violent riots all over the nation in 2020. They then lured peaceful protestors (who had been infiltrated by communist brown shirts) into the capitol on January 6, 2021 so that they could violently attack those protestors, have their brown shirts commit various crimes, and call the event an insurrection. The Unpatriots now use that contrived event to claim that anyone with conservative views is a dangerous insurrectionist when the truth is they are constantly taking actions to tear down our government and our way of life. The whole farce is part of a communist insurrection and should not be tolerated.

THE BIG LIE – The (REAL) Big Lie is that Joe Biden won fair and square. The unPatriots bullied and cancelled anyone who questioned that possibility saying, “It is unpatriotic and seditious to question a national election.” This of course is 100% opposite of their true beliefs. They have been claiming that the 2016 election was stolen for the last 5 years. We all know that if they lose another election they will be right back on their “stolen election” train which the unPatriots will claim to be righteous rather than seditious.

SYSTEMATIC RACISM – When a marxist/communists claims the existence of Systematic Racism, they are trying to claim that our nation has systems built into it that place “white people” in a higher status than people with skin of other colors. The opposite is actually true. In order to have “Systematic Racism” it has to be an integral part of the system. This would mean that the system is specifically set up to take certain actions for, or against, a race, or races, in favor of another race, or races. First and foremost, racism is impossible on earth because there is only one bi-pedal sentient race on this planet. We are talking about is “discrimination” for, or against, HUMANS based on their physical characteristics. This is specifically outlawed by The Constitution for The United States of America and 20 various Constitutional Amendments and Congressional Acts. However, regardless of “the law,” our Federal System is riddled with programs and laws that actually put people with white skin at a disadvantage to persons with skin of other colors. So while “Systematic Racism” does exist, it exists in a completely opposite manner than the unPatriots claim it does.

SCIENCE! – When a large group of politicians and the news media are all saying the same thing, it is definitely time to consider other options. In 2020 and 2021 it became a fad among the Unpatriots to use the term “Follow the Science.” They said that everyone must unequivocally accept anything they said as absolute truth without the backing of any data or scientific discovery. They said that any proven factual evidence countering their claims was fake, and Anyone who even asked for real data, or the opportunity to scientifically explore other possibilities was labeled as a science denier, cancelled, and told that the random claims of the unPatriots was the only possibility. This was done regardless of the fact that the only “absolute” in science is that science always has the potential to change. “Scientific Method” basically is a directive to question everything. Continuous reconsideration, questioning and experimentation is the only way you can maintain the highest level of confidence in the data you use to make decisions regarding science. The marxist/communist unPatriots have been tearing down science while, and by, claiming to be the last and final authority on various scientific theories and possibilities that have no basis in fact.

There are many more examples, but this post has run long already. Feel free to add more examples of twisted truths and hypocritical communist dictates below.

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