The County Sheriff

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Remember. According the Federal Precedence, your County Sheriff is The Highest Legal Authority in your County. The Sheriff is sworn to uphold the Constitution. If they determine that the Governor or Legislature, or President have violated the Constitution, they can enforce differently in their jurisdiction, including barring State or Federal entities from enforcing against that County’s Citizens. Everyone should be reaching out to their County Sheriffs for protection.

This Order (link to .docx file, right click and choose “save as”) clearly states the protections your County Sheriff should be offering you. The letter is written for Oregon and should be modified to fit specific jurisdictions and Sheriffs. Every sheriff should be asked to issue such an order and on the basis of these federal rulings.

Sheriff’s as highest government authority in their county, higher than Governor or President:

Butler v. Wolf opinion:

 Printz v United States:

Actual Printz v United States opinion: