Proposed Bills

To Serve my Priorities and return Government to the People, I propose the following Bills. I dare any sitting Legislator to propose them before I can.

1. No More Strings Act (aka: Voice of the People Act)

This Act would outlaw specific controls on funds distributed by the Federal Government. If the people wish to continue the practice of having the Federal Government collect and redistribute money, the distributed funds could be earmarks to be used for general things such as “Culture”, “Education”, “Public Safety” et cetera, but details beyond those general distinctions would be left to the jurisdictions receiving the money. Details will have to be outlined as to how the Federal Government can “Contract” with entities in order to take actions seeking specific research.

Nearly every dollar doled out by the Federal Government comes with some sort of controls attached. These controls would actually be unconstitutional if the Federal Government just placed them on States, Municipalities and Citizens. However, because they are tied to money, no one complains. Often there are good reasons for certain controls on distributed funds, however those controls can only Constitutionally be created at the State level or below. It is the Local Governments that can listen to, understand, and serve the needs of the people. Implementing the same solutions in Los Angeles and Beaverton never comes out right. The real goals of this legislation are to return control to the States and Local authorities, reduce to size of government bureaucracy, and reduce the federal government’s budget (resulting the transfer hundreds of billions of dollars back to state, local and individual citizen control).

The most onerous example of governments overreach and over regulation of local programs (and the most costly) is the Welfare Program. Federal Funds often make up 80% of a State’s welfare program. The illegal federal strings attached to these funds put States in a position to either cancel all welfare programs, or comply with the Federal Government’s extortion demands. These “strings” on Federal Welfare Dollars put controls on States and municipalities beyond providing welfare to needy persons. Rather than being able to actually address the causes of poverty and solve their unique social issues at the local level, state and local authorities are forced to use the funds in ways that may be harmful to the recipients, as well as the local citizens and economy.

Another set of “strings” that is working to kill America is the Department of Education. Our children have been falling behind most developed countries in education for decades because of centralized government controls on education. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona is now working on “Administrative Rules” (Laws enacted at the sole discretion of the Secretary of Education) demanding that schools teach Critical Race Theory in order to receive federal education, and CARES Act, funding. They plan to force this divisive and hateful philosophy on first grade children. All of this MUST END. I believe in your right to teach your children whatever philosophy you wish. That right does not necessarily extend beyond the walls of your own home. At the same time I will NEVER support the Federal Government dictating, or supporting, any specific philosophical thought in any school. Especially one that teaches anyone in this Great Nation to mistrust, fear, belittle or unduly glorify their peers.

In addition to the damage and loss of liberty these controls cause, their creation and administration are extremely wasteful and performed basically without oversight. In the video below Senator Rand Paul talks about the Federal Reserve and the SBA defying the law, the President, and their Senate Oversight Committee. In addition to the losses taxpayers experience due to the corruption of these rogue administrators, the overhead costs to maintain these administrators and their staff are enormous. The No More Strings Act will save hundreds of billions of dollars per year (if not over $1 Trillion) that can go back to local economies without strings.

Did you know that the Federal Government doesn’t even know how many Agencies there are? They actually say, “There is no authoritative list of government agencies.” and; “The United States Government Manual lists 96 independent executive units and 220 components of the executive departments. An even more inclusive listing comes from, which lists 137 independent executive agencies and 268 units in the Cabinet.

This Act will eliminate the need for numerous government agencies that exist solely to skim funds off of your taxes before redistributing your money to things you may not support, and/or control you in ways that you do not approve of.

2. Minimum Full Time Wage Act

This Act will require employers with over 200 employees in any State, or over 2000 employees nation wide, to employ a minimum of 80% full time employees (numbers and percentage may vary). Certain exceptions will be made for temporary employees and employers with sporadic operations.

Many people have been demanding a higher minimum wage in this country for a long time. Any good business person knows that when a business is forced to increase costs in one area due to random factors (like increased minimum wage by government) they will take actions to maintain their profit margin (which is very small to begin with for most business owners). The results usually end up causing reduction in staff, increased stress on remaining staff, reduced level/quality of product/service, reduced hours of operation and other things that also negatively affect a business and its customers. This is not the answer and it specifically harms small business more than big corporations.

The real problem has to do with the benefits available to employees. Most minimum wage employees do not receive full time hours. This causes an even larger span in the pay differential between them and workers who work full time because of benefits offered to full time employees. Large employers are required to provide Health Insurance for employees who work more than 32 hours per week. Many of these employers also provide various other benefits to full time employees including, life insurance, retirement assistance, vacation leave, child care assistance and tuition assistance. The difference between the annual salary of a part employee and a full time employee related employee benefits is at least $6,000/yr and can be $35,000/yr or more for the average employee. That equates to between $2.88 – $16.82 per hour (or more). This is generally more than any proposed minimum wage increase.

Anyone who claims to support minimum wage employees should back this bill instead! Don’t you want health care, retirement savings and vacation time to be available to as many Americans as possible? Or would it be better to just get them a couple more dollars per week to help them pay for the benefits their employers are keeping from them?

Most Small Businesses in this country already provide full time work to most, or all, of their employees and therefore employee benefits as required by law. It is the large corporations who are abusing American Workers by keeping hours down and withholding benefits. It is time we really started protecting the common worker and small businesses.

3. Anti-Racism Act

Since 1865 the United States of America has created 20 Constitutional Amendments enacting Acts (laws) intended to create equality among Human Beings. Unfortunately, since that time corrupt politicians, in league with individuals committed to perpetuating hate and division between groups of humans, have continued to enact policies and laws that specifically categorize and divide Humans. They use these groupings to give certain groups preferred, or unfavored, status in Federally sponsored programs and in the ways laws are enforced. Every time a federal program earmarks funds for a group of Humans based on criteria described in one of these 20 Amendments or Acts (ie race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, or national origin) it VIOLATES Federal Law and contributes to “systematic racism.” The Anti-Racism Act will help end “systematic racism” and all “systematic discrimination” by outlawing it at the Federal level.

In his opinion on Justice John Roberts stated “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminat-ing on the basis of race.” I have known this to be true since I was 12 years old. There is no such thing as “Just a little bit pregnant”, and there is no such thing as “Beating your wife for a good reason.” You can not pretend that a little bit of discrimination is not really discrimination, and you can not pretend that doing bad things is for a good reason. That is why the Anti-Racism Act is critical for our country to move forward with love and support for every Human.

The Anti-Racism Act will END “systematic racism” by mandating retroactively that no Law, Act, government program, or government document may make reference to race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, or national origin (exception for national origin from countries on National Security watch list). As such, all currently active laws, programs and documents that make reference to any subgroup of Human Beings must be amended to remove said references, or be terminated. The Anti-Racism Act will also outlaw any future legislation, or government program, from specifying, or naming, any group of Humans defined by race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, national origin, or any other general grouping that will be used to determine qualification, preference of qualification, treatment within, or funding level of participants for any government related program or activity.

4. Prosecutorial Requirements for US Attorneys

This legislation would require Federal District Attorneys to take a minimum number of all cases brought to them by Local, State, or Federal law enforcement to trial. I like a number of around 98%, but that can be negotiated. This will stop communist prosecutors in their tracks. They either take criminals to trial or lose their jobs.

I would seek to apply this legislation to all District Attorneys, but that would be unconstitutional. Instead, I would push for State and local jurisdictions to enact their own similar law.