The Federal Government claims that inflation has only been a total of 17.4% under Biden (as of 10/22/23). However, the average rate of Inflation on the items below is 27.61%.

Many people fall for the Government hype that things are getting better when the White House says “inflation is down.” All that means is that prices are not rising as fast as they were last month. But they are still rising beyond the 27.61% we have already seen! In November 2023 the White House is celebrating over the claim that the rate of inflation is “only 6%.” That means that in November 2024 we will have an increase in prices of about 33% over January 2020 prices. Inflation actually needs to reverse in order to stop the madness and help anyone in this country.

How do we fix this? We wake the Giant and we reel in the Executive Branch. When The United States was the world’s manufacturing leader we had personal wealth and no national debt.

That is because there are only 3 ways in which wealth is “made.” All other ways of generating income are nothing but a shell game that moves wealth around. Those 3 ways are:
1. Dig something of value out of the ground (ie gold, silver, copper, coal, oil etc)
2. Grow/Harvest something out of the ground (ie lettuce, tomatoes, timber, wheat etc)
3. Take one or more items from items 1 and 2 above and manipulate or combine them to make something else (ie furniture, steel, gasoline, circuit boards, vehicles etc)

When you participate in one of these 3 activities, you are able to sell your final product for more than what you invested because you have increased its value. When someone sells your completed product to someone else at a higher price, they do not make money because they increase its value. They make money because they extract part of someone else’s wealth in order to increase theirs. There is no wealth created at that point…it is only transferred from one person to another.

We have the resources and the know how to become the world’s manufacturing leader once more. When we do that we can reverse inflation build wealth for the people of America.

Of course another way to slow and possibly even reverse inflation is to stop out of control federal spending. I cover that issue on my “Did you Authorize This” page.