Time For Biden To Go

Who Am I?

We all know that Brandon has never been in a competent state of mind.
That is why the “Globalist Cartel” put him in power.

It is time to put Brandon out to pasture. Many people are worried that if Biden is declared incompetent the resulting placement of Harris to the position of President will be disastrous.

If you think about it for a second, you will realize 2 things:
1) There is not much that could be worse than where Biden has taken us so far.

and more importantly…

2) The people who are controlling the demented Biden puppet would never let Harris do anything unilaterally. They will either fully control her, or insure her demise.

I think the placement of Harris into the Presidency would result in the end of her political career (maybe more) which would then leave us with Pelosi as President. Nancy will overplay her hand and can also be removed because of her crimes. At that point real progress will begin.

It is time to start stepping through the criminals so we can get through this stage of idiocy and on to the next thing.