Campaign Needs

I pray regularly for these things to move the campaign forward. To date, I have done every one of these things myself. Care to give God a hand in fulfilling those prayers?

This list is in process and will change as time pases. Needs grow and change as the campaign moves forward. If you have additional suggestions, or would like to fulfill one of the larger needs, please contact me first so we can make sure that everything is in alignment and that we are not doubling up.

  • Signs – $500 per 100. This is the most pressing need at this time.
  • Printing Services
  • Volunteers (everything from short at home jobs to major project management) – No $ required
  • Social Media Management – Either donated, or $500/wk
  • Web Development/Management – Either Donated, or $2000
  • Connections Groups – FREE Just arrange a meeting with your group
    • – Church
      • – Community Organizations (clubs, neighborhood groups etc)
    • – Benevolent Organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary etc)
    • Page and Post Shares on all Platforms – FREE please just do it
    • Interviews on other Platforms (radio, tv, Social Media Feeds etc) – FREE just call Radio, TV and/or newspaper and ask for interview with David
    • PAC Development for future large donations – FREE and could lead to a paying job
      Vehicle (Feel Free to Wrap it with your Advertising, and/or Russ Is For US)

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