Living Lies

Slit Reins

For a very long time I have wanted to compile a list of the “Living Lies” of the UnPatriots (marxists, communists, progressives, RINOs, NWO, etc). Things like the news article below explains. False claims of wide sweeping government programs that usually get trimmed down to nearly nothing (like the college loan bailout that will not happen, or will be curtailed so much very few will get it). Or just flat out lying about the actions of an opponent, or events to gain popularity (think Russia, Russia, Russia). The real problem is that when the truth comes out it is buried so that the sheeple will not know they have been fooled again. They continue to believe that Border Agents whipped people, and millions of Americans got Tuition Loan Assistance…forever.

Unfortunately, every time I think about the list my head spins. I have observed these Living Lies develop for over 40 years, and they happen nearly continuously. There have been so many in my life that I can not even remember most of them. Also, the list from the last two years is so extensive I could lose followers because the post got too long and redundant just to cover those.