Guerrilla Grass Roots Campaigning

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As part of my campaign I grocery shop in my “Meet Your Next Congressman” t-shirt. While I am shopping I talk to anyone who is not wearing a mask (talk about easy target marketing!). Last night I started talking with a man who then told me, “I know, we met at the Gun Show last weekend.” He then held up the “Russ Is For US” business card I had handed him and said, “This image right here. My wife puts it on every one of Ron Noble’s posts.”

I LOVE IT! What a great way for people who can not donate cash in this crashed economy to make a difference.

I have been telling everyone I meet, “Name recognition wins the race. I do not have all that ‘establishment’ money to buy advertising. With the price of gas doubling, you probably don’t either. But if we can get everyone saying my name, I will win.” Can you help by sharing my name with anyone and everyone, and where and everywhere?” Apparently, this guy’s wife took the request very seriously.

Can you help spread my name? How? Please share below so that other constituents can use your idea too.