Dress up the Candidate for Oregon’s First Congressional District

David Russ for Oregon's First Congressional District 2022
Costumes by FantasyCostume.com
(*Fantasyland Costume Company)


Costumes for Oregon's First Congressional District provided by fantasycostume.com

This is your opportunity to see Congressional Candidate David Russ in your favorite costume! Rules and minimum donation apply. See below for details.

Have Fun!


    Donations above amounts below are always welcome. Minimum Amounts listed will increase as campaign progresses.
    • Minimum Donation
      • All minimum donation dates are open to higher bid until 1 week before the date.
        • Current Minimum Donation – $500
    • Confirmed Date Donation
      • Confirmed Date Donations lock the date for the donator.
        • Current Confirmed Date Donation – $2900
      • COSTUME
        • Costume must be supplied by *Fantasyland Costume Company
          • Provide the “Model” from below the costume picture on Fantasycostume.com when you contact us.
        • Costume must be of proper size to fit Congressional Candidate David Russ
        • Costume Rental fees will be included in the donation
    • Donation allows one public appearance in costume by Congressional Candidate within Oregon’s First Congressional District.
      • The location can not represent any risk of harm for Candidate Russ, the costume, or any other person, property or animal
      • Possibilities for location exist with large donations. Contact us for details.
    • Donation allows one requested simple task.
      • The task can not represent any risk of harm for Candidate Russ, the costume, or any other person, property or animal
      • The task can not last longer than three minutes
      • Any task requiring props:
        • Props must be provided by donor
        • Prop can not be a weapon
        • Prop use and substitutions are at sole discretion of Candidate Russ and Fantasyland Costume Company
    • Stunt Request Review:
      • $10.00 Contribution for review of your request is required to initiate the review process.
      • All costume and stunt requests are reviewed by Candidate Russ and Fantasyland costume Company and all approvals for stunts and costume use are at their sole discretion.

To request your Costumes for Congress stunt with Candidate Russ enter your contribution

*amount in the box below. 

*If you want to have your request verified before making your full contribution just donate $10 now to cover your minimum Stunt Review Contrinution.


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